Sameer Raichur

Sameer Raichur © Manasa Prabhu Sameer Raichur (b.1986), is an independent photographer based out of Bangalore, India. He graduated with distinction from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Turners Falls, MA, USA in 2012 - necessary course correction after a brief stint practising as a corporate lawyer.

Sameer has an affinity for documenting socio-cultural practices in urban and rural India . He is particularly drawn to traditions that are becoming anachronistic with the pervasive spread of globalism. Memory and nostalgia are frequent themes in his work, his interests broadly include design, artisanship and everything to do with cinema.

He relies on editorial commissions to further his practice. His clients include Time Magazine, FT Weekend Magazine, Geo Magazin, Libération, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, The Indian Quarterly, Caravan Magazine, Mint Lounge, Lonely Planet, Forbes and GQ.

Proposed project at basis:
Like an understanding of the outside world is inevitably influenced by personal life, art is greatly enriched by the harvest of personal experiences. Their emotional expression in a chosen medium has been known to ease our remembrance of negative life events and cope with trauma. I want to use the opportunity provided by the bangaloREsidency-Expanded to recreate memories from a difficult life experience to process any lingering trauma using photography.

Part of this exploration will involve the ‘staging’ of certain incidents – memories seared into the subconscious that are essential to reconstructing the past. A multi-disciplinary approach will benefit the process of staging and recreation as it might involve practices as diverse as performance art, set design and writing; among others. Working at the intersection of cultural viewpoints, the goal is to discover a novel narrative technique to tell a story that I believe would interest an objective observer.

*Due to the COVD-19 pandemic, Sameer's residency will take place in 2021.