Yash Bhandari
bangaloREsident-Expanded@Lichtenberg Studios

yab ©Yash Bhandari Formally trained in sculpture, Yash Bhandari has explored performance art with 080 Loopholes Collective, explored sustainable architecture, farming and furniture design with SacredGroves at Auroville and has been a part of various citizen movements that have sharpened his creative agency. Having then moved to bridge tensions of working with the Government, for 3 years he worked with the public art project, Art in Transit, in the role of a Research Associate and co-curator in collaboration with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation at various sites, to create dialogues through art and design inquiries that were directly shared with the transiting public.

Has been an active part of some street intervention with collectives like Geechugalu. By placing his practice in public spaces, he believes in using his privilege to share the contagious joy of creativity and creating opportunities for collaborations in public spaces.
“I enjoy challenging thought and constantly working with new networks and mediums, to unlearn biases I have picked up and work around similar thematics with my surrounding ecology using the medium of art practice for this introspection, all with a little room for irony and self critique.  My practice switches between community participation, urban interventions, performance, to spatial design, multimedia installation, curation and sculpture with found materials frequently as I attempt to work through their limitations and my own.”

At Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, he will be creating mixed-media interventions in public spaces around the city and the neighbourhood of Lichtenberg.