Festival Gender Bender 2020

Gender Bender 2020 Kritika Trehan & Stawdio © Sandbox Collective

Fri, 04.12.2020 -
Wed, 31.03.2021


The Gender Bender 2020 Grantee Showcase as a work-in-progress sneak peek is now online at sandboxcollective.org, while the 15 incredible artists continue to work on their projects towards a phyisical presentation as soon as possible. (Note: The interviews of all 15 artists have been uploaded already and the showcases will be updated as and when they are ready, so please keep coming back!)

Now in its sixth year, Gender Bender is the first festival of its kind in India that showcases new works of art around gender - as a concept, discourse, construct, and as art itself. In providing a trigger grant to artists and individuals creating such work, and showcasing these projects for the audience, the aim is to add to the ever-evolving understanding of gender itself.

Grantees 2020:
  1. Aamir Rabbani
  2. Anonnya Banik
  3. Gargi Harithakam
  4. Nandagopan
  5. Shruthi Vishwanath & Sylvia Hinz
  6. Rashmi Ravikumar
  7. Reya Ahmed
  8. Chikka Dodda Arts Lab
  9. Anoushka Kurien
  10. Sangram Mukhopadhyay
  11. Shrishti Chatterjee
  12. Purshottam Pawar
  13. C G Salamander & Samidha Gunjal
  14. Sohini S
  15. Vikram Phukan

The Grantees 2020 were selected by an independent jury panel comprising of Irawati Karnik, Kalki Subramaniam, Ranjana Dave and Vijeta Kumar.

Irawati Karnik Kritika Trehan & Stawdio © Sandbox Collective Irawati Karnik is a Mumbai-based writer, Playwright, screenwriter, translator, dramaturg and actor.
Kalki Subramaniam Kritika Trehan & Stawdio © Sandbox Collective
Kalki Subramaniam is a Chennai-based Transgender rights activist and artist who works with art, poetry, performance art and film.

Ranjana Dave Kritika Trehan & Stawdio © Sandbox Collective Ranjana Dave is a Delhi-based Dance practitioner, writer, pedagogue, curator and researcher.

Vijeta Kumar Kritika Trehan & Stawdio © Sandbox Collective Vijeta Kumar is a Bangalore-based writer, author and Asst. Professor of English and Journalism at St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science.
  Gender Bender is a joint project of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and Sandbox Collective. Gender Bender is conceived, conceptualised, and curated by Sandbox Collective.