Film screening + Discussion Spiralling into desire by Brinda Jacob

spiralling_Brinda © SMART

Sat, 20.08.2022


Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

Spiralling into Desire brings together mover Brinda Jacob-Janvrin and filmmakers Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwagar to document the Desire process. In this exploration of the authentic movement process, the camera is the witness and the relationship between filmmaker and mover is one of deep compassion. The embodied presence of both the mover and the witness allows for the transformation of the soul into substance. Spirit and matter are no longer separate and we’re in the presence of deep mystery.

Spiralling into Desire is part of the larger Desire Project which explores how we hold desire in our bodies. It races a woman’s descent into her deep body to access and retrieve her true autonomy and draws parallels from the first epic poem ‘The Descent of Inanna’. 

Performance artist: Brinda Jacob-Janvrin
Filmmakers: Roohi Dixit & Ziba Bhagwagar
Cinematographer: Preeta Jayaraman
Movement Dramaturg: Lina Gomez

The movement x film collaboration in its current iteration of 15 minutes is produced by the Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies Trust, in collaboration with Zero Rules, and is supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore.

The film is based on authentic movement practices, which is only possible with the presence of a witness, in this case, the audience. We would love for you to be a witness to this film.

Post the screening there will be a discussion with the artists and filmmaker which will be moderated by Nisha Susan.
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