Photography Exhibition
B Boys, Fly Girls & Horticulture

B Boys Paul Hutchinson © Paul Hutchinson

Sun, 02.08.2015

6.30 p.m.

by Paul Hutchinson, bangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road

In this most recent body of work Paul Hutchinson follows up on a topic which he has been examining for the past year: Underground Hip Hop culture. Due to a personal affiliation with the theme, a conviction of its contemporary political significance and the curiosity about current trends in global youth culture, Paul Hutchinson took up the chance offered by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan to work around this subject within the framework of his 5 weeks bangaloREsidency
A thriving scene in India, Hip Hop culture on the surface bears witness to an increasing cultural proximity in the digital age, turbo capitalism, and often acts as an affirmation of questionable stereotypes. However, looked at more closely it also reveals itself as an open space for individualism, group affiliation and a means to establish identities. Its energy, its bonds and its awareness of reality surpass supposed genre borders and speak about issues that go beyond a mere subculture.

B Boys Paul Hutchinson 2 These ambiguities Paul Hutchinson reflects in his showcase by interrupting images of Hip Hop culture with images of plants and flowers taken mainly in the Department of Horticulture of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Similar to foreign cultural movements, many plants of Lalbagh have once been introduced from abroad, acclimatized and evolved into something new of their own. As bangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road, Paul Hutchinson will make use of the local gallery space and invites hip hop heads and everyone else alike to join in for the opening reception.