Happening Mehendi – No lifelong commitment, No artistic skills required

Sat, 17.12.2016

12:00 - 19:00

Vimochana, Rooftop Terrace

With Frauke Frech
bangaloREsident@Blank Noise

Calling women:
girls, single women, mothers, housewives, non-wives, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, single mothers, female scholars and politicians, daughters-in-law, labourers, …

Is there something you pledge yourself – not to your husband or the families – as we usually do when getting married?
Get to know each other, share experiences from different cultural backgrounds and circumstances,
and then, in 1-on-1 sessions, draw/receive a contemporary mehendi with a clear message:
  • Concerning your particular experience being a woman
  • On a part of your body of your own choosing
Please note: The event is only for the participants (till 6.00 p.m.), will be documented by photographer Madhu Nandi and later published.

A bangaloREsidency co-production with Frauke Frech/Grand Beauty Salon, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and Blank Noise.

Frauke reveals her concept:

Coming to Bangalore/India was always intertwined with my wish to get to know my fiancés culture and in particular to understand better the gender concepts which apply here. What impact does the institution of marriage have on the lives of local people?

Since the art of Mehendi skin design used to be a synonym for marriage itself, I wanted to use this ritual in order to transform it along with a diverse group of women. The happening Mehendi – No lifelong commitment, No artistic skills required was designed to host a collective process among women from various backgrounds, asking what they would like to share with the public on their very own bodies? We will share experiences and perspectives in order to create a strong aesthetic language to address our issues.

To Please no one but Frauke Frech ©Photo: Frauke Frech Later on the close-up photo series of the body artworks will be shot and published to point out that women all across the world are facing sexual harassment and oppression of the same nature, just the form as well as the public discourse might differ from place to place.

It is time to make a statement in our language – rather than leaving it to the media.

Limited places! To participate, contact Frauke:

+91 8861004086