Pepper House Residency Exhibition

bangaloREsidents on display at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale

We are proud to associate with the Kochi Biennale Foundation over the past few years, sending bangaloREsidents to create artistic projects at Pepper House. As in former years, we are happy that the KBF has selected all the bangaloREsidents@Pepper House to participate in the Pepper House Residency Exhibition at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016.
German photographers Peter Bialobrzeski, Hans-Christian Schink and Sabine Schründer, and artist Anja Kempe are on display at Mandalay Hall.


Kochi Diary
Peter Bialobrzeski
  ©Peter Bialobrzeski ©Peter Bialobrzeski
19th July 2016
Fort Cochin, the colonial part of what is now called Kochi, still smells mouldy and rotten, yet it is just as charming now as it was 30 years ago. At least in the off-season. Plenty of homestays and hotels cater to the traveller. Auto drivers are delighted to bring you to the Krishna Café but try on the way to convince you to visit jewellery or antique shops. Petrol tokens will be the reward, as Josef, a Christian driver, points out.

Kochi Nights
Hans-Christian Schink
©Hans-Christian Schink ©Hans-Christian Schink
The idea behind Kochi Nights is based on the effect brought about by a seemingly shifted reality caused by the different perception of artificial light at night by the human eye and by the camera. The surreal atmosphere of the works reflects certain cinematographic moments, but is caused purely by the available illumination on the scene.

Inner Grid
Anja Kempe
©Anja Kempe ©Anja Kempe
A casual scaffolding of bamboo is snuggled elastically against the wall. Its outline is traced in stone-powder on the floor. A holding hand and a core or shell are also displayed.
Three videos refer to this arrangement: They show hammocks hanging in different spots in Fort Kochi.

*We appreciate the constant support of Jörg Drechsel, Director, Malabar Escapes, in accommodating the residents.

Sabine Schründer
©Sabine Schründer ©Sabine Schründer
The work PAVILION is a projection consisting of 32 photographs arranged in a loop, that were taken in Kerala, India, in 2015. In this series, Sabine Schründer explores various emotional states and links them to fragmentary gazes, absent-minded gestures and colour interventions in space. As a result, the series of photographs depict closeness, intimacy, fear and uncertainty without connecting these to individual persons in any specific way. As visual constructions coupled with quietude, these images explore an invisible borderline zone; picking up on the idea of the malleability and transparency of inner and outer worlds, Sabine Schründer lures the viewer into an intense, fragile world of images.