Artist Presentation + Open Studio Singing Patterns by Lisa Premke

Lisa Premke Pattern © Lisa Premke

Open Studio: 07.09 - 08.09. I 10 AM- 6 PM Artist Presentation: 08.09.2018 I 5:30 PM

Pepper House / Fort Kochi

11/10 A&B, Road
682002 Kochi

German artist Lisa Premke, who is current bangaloREsident@Pepper House, gives us an insight into the artistic process that inspired her residency project Singing Patterns in Fort Kochi. Visitors are also invited to an Open Studio.

Singing Patterns will be on display at the Pepper House Residency Show during the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2018.

Lisa Premke © Lisa Premke Premke's practice involves taking apart discarded systems and using their elements for a material translation, materialising in acoustic objects and site-specific installations. Whether the systems are abandoned industries, failed political systems, or the deconstruction of language – Premke experiments with the perception of absence and intimacy with immaterial commonalities. It is a reenactment of familiar and at the same time completely unknown situations. Through friction, resistance and reverberation, the material finds a voice that narrates itself.The artist has been part of the Pepper House Residency for the past 6 weeks, exploring the area and creating work as response.

In Premke’s words: ‘During the last month living and working in Kochi, it became clear to me that I want to work with the interbreeding of nature, public space and the constant ‚sound carpet' – to use thousands of small noises constructing one public acoustic symphony.
In the outer 60 windows of the water tank I want to hang curtains of chains from different materials, such as aluminium, steel or tin. Because of the tower's location there is a lot of wind which will move the chains, making them a musical element.

Lisa Premke © Lisa Premke From afar it will look as if the tower is closed off. But from the inside you can look through the different chain patterns. It's almost like being in a tent: feeling safe and hightening the acoustic sense by removing the far vision will help hearing the multidude of small sounds.