Poster Exhibition Berliner Mythen

"Berliner Mythen" von Reinhard Kleist © Goethe-Institut

Wed, 17.07.2019 -
Tue, 30.07.2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

716, CMH Road
Indiranagar 1st Stage

Poster Exhibition

The Poster  Exhibition ''Berliner Mythen'' will showcase some of the graphic novels from the series ''Beliner Mythen'' of award-winning comic artist Reinhard Kleist. The Berliner Mythen is based on a collection of Folklore from four centuries, attached to the topology of the Metropolis Berlin. The Idea of this book came from the editor Michael Groenewald and Lutz Göllner, of Berlin’s city magazine Zitty. Berlin is a city that has written history and around which many myths revolve. There is "a mind-boggling conglomeration of stories"- says author and illustrator Reinhard Kleist. Once you step into Ozan's taxi, you cannot escape these myths. You immerse yourself in the history of Berlin from the time of the occupation, to the end of the Berlin wall, or learn about David Bowie's and Marlene Dietrich's stay in Berlin.

Reinhard Kleist has created an authentic character for his Berlin myths with the fictional taxi driver Ozan, who accompanies his passengers and readers from one historical site to the next, always with a relevant anecdote at hand. This collection of anecdotes in comic form makes up a masterpiece and opens up a broad view of Germany's historic capital with its myths.

At the exhibition a small selection of comics from Reinhard Kleist's work is presented, comprising a total of four myths. And so, we invite you to step into Ozan's taxi and go on a journey with the Berlin myths.
Language: German