Exhibition Responsive Curating

Responsive Curation © Kunstraum München

Sat, 12.09.2020 -
Sun, 25.10.2020

Kunstraum München

Holzstraße 10 Rgb.
80469 Munich

Responsive Curating deals with the format of the "exhibition" as a universal medium with surprising results—particularly in the light of the current challenges during a pandemic. For this international project, neither artist travel nor art transport is required. Instead, the show takes up the formal principles of 1960s instruction-based art and applies them to today’s needs, including responsiveness and vector-based data. Implemented on the basis of the participating artists’ instructions, all of the artworks are produced by the curators at each venue and, at the close of each show, returned into the local recycling system of goods—obstructing the emergence of an aura of uniqueness.

Exhibition On Flash Drive © Ralf Homann Kunstraum Munich is the second venue for this Exhibition which was first shown in Bangalore in 2019, supported by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan. Each edition of Responsive Curating is produced afresh on the basis of digital instructions/plans. After the Exhibition period, the artworks are either sold or recycled locally. On display are the works of international artists exploring the possibilities of this unique format.

With Anjana Kothamachu, Antonia Low, Ina Ettlinger, Hans HS Winkler, Harish V Mallappanavar, rasso rottenfusser, Vichar B N und Vineesh Amin.

Curated by Ralf Homann (Kunstraum, München) with Uwe Jonas (studio im HOCHHAUS, Berlin), Suresh Kumar and Surekha (BAR1, Bengaluru).

Responsive Curating_Anjana+Vineesh © Ralf Homann Extended Opening:
Friday, September 11, 2020, 3.00 - 9.00 p.m.


Curatorial Talk:
Saturday, September 12, 2020, 3.00 p.m.
"What Does Responsive Curating Mean? About Exhibitions on Flash Drive"