Street Art Urban Development: Street Art Chennai

Mon, 13.10.2014 -
Wed, 22.10.2014

in cooperation with Chennai City Connect, SPI Cinemas, YMCA College of Physical Education and Paint Box


Curator: Georg Zolchow
Artists: SatOne (Germany)
Hanif Kureshi, B.O. Shailesh, Asma Menon, K Dilip Kumar and M.P. Dhakshana (India)

Satyam Cinemas, Royapettah
15 to 17 October 2014

YMCA College of Physical Education
18 to 20 October 2014

Why are we painting public spaces in Chennai?

We want to bring more art and colour to the streets and places
of this fast growing city. There are many mouse-grey walls and
the artists and all the creative people should be part of the
urban development and all the rapid changes that are going on.
The streets and the buildings can be an attractive and vital
open-air art gallery for everyone. Street Art is communication
with the normal people in everyday life.

With our examples we want to encourage more public artistic
participation across the city to enhance the Urban Art.

We also want to make aware the dying-out art of the hoarding
painters who used to create huge and imaginative film posters
every time a film was released. This project initiates a dialogue
between the Street art scenes from Germany and contemporary
artists and hoarding painters from India.

The street artist attempts to communicate with everyday people about socially relevant themes. ‘Street art is urban communication’, says Georg Zolchow, German curator of this project.
In the last 10 years Street Art has gained more and more
importance and the 2008 exhibition of the same name in the Tata Modern in London has finally shown that it is a powerful part of contemporary art.