POETRY READING Sound Poetry Reading by Dirk Hülstrunk

Dirk ©

Sat, 06.12.2014

Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai

No.4 5th Street, Rutland Gate
600006 Chennai

in cooperation with Prakriti Foundation Poetry Festival

During the Prakriti Foundation´s Poetry Festival from 03.-10.12.2014, Mr. Dirk Hülstrunk will perform Sound Poetry not only as a solo artist but also as a duo, pairing up with Jesse James Lafleur. Dirk Hülstrunk is a Freelance Author, Sound Poet, Audio Artist and Cultural Activist.
Dirk Hülstrunk, born in Frankfurt am Main, experiments with literature and works with different genres like Minimal Art as well as  intermedial approaches. Inspired not only by artists such as Getrude Stein and Ernst Jandl but also by trends in art such as Fluxus  and Beat Poetry, his tools are language, voice and sounds.

Dirk Hülstrunk is internationally involved, curates and presents literary events, Poetry Slams and Reading clubs. In addition, he imparts his skills through workshops, school readings and lectures at academies, universities and other institutions.
As a Sound Poet, he organizes the Poetry Slam Frankfurt and has been presenting, the monthly cultural program ‘’Knallfabet’’ since 1997. As member of the international board of trustees of the “Turku Poetry Week Association” and the “VS Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller/Hessen“ , he also serves as a board member in “Kulturnetz Frankfurt e.V.’’.