CONCERT RAGGABUND - A German Rock-Band with Swiss Reggae artists

RB @ GI Chennai

Mon, 23.10.2017

Museum Theatre

Pantheon Road
600 008 Chennai

in cooperation with Schools: Partners for the Future

Paco Mendoza & Don Caramelo on Vocals along with E-Guitar, Keyboards, DJ-Beats, Acoustic Guitar and Beatbox.

The two brothers Paco Mendoza and Don Caramelo combine their energies and entertain their wide fan base with reggae, latin and dancehall as Raggabund. This time they are together with Swiss band Hermanos Mikey Board and De Luca. On their latest piece of work the German band merges their love for reggae and latin-beats to a fine blend of organic sounds with handmade grooves and punchlines. The current Raggabund sound emerged from the close cooperation with swiss reggae-artists. There are songs full of warm analogue sounds, reaching from jazzy tunes (Gestern war Gestern) up to pumping cumbia basslines (Chilling). Whether dancehall-ragga, cumbia-reggae, hip-hop or latin: Raggabund playfully move around between genres. The fact that Raggabund's sound is far more well-received than the otherwise much-cited Reggae Good Vibrations, makes at least a glance at their lyrics inevitable. Consequently, Paco and Caramelo take stances on political and social aspects without projecting them as knowledge and teaching.

Freedom or security? Economic growth or ecology? Consumption or morality? In these areas of tension, the brothers find a lot of material to question life in
our everyday world and are still able to remain rich in variety. Subjects such as love for life or longing always find the right music, without appearing insincere.
Whether critical or entertaining, Raggabund is always absolutely authentic: a successful mixture of punchline, poetry and positive message.

Do not miss Raggabund live. Here the two brothers offer a dance hall party of the finest! Their musical talent, as well as their years of concert experience. Whether in German, Spanish or English, Raggabund inspires and moves their audience with a variety of styles ranging from acoustic guitars to accapella scatches and ragamamuffin beatbox excesses.