By Dara Okat

Aatmasphere is a sonic / kinetic installation or performance piece which uses music, dance and visual projection within the framework of an ancient symbol, The Enneagram, orchestrated as a means to connect people through music, frequency and kinetic energy. The format lends itself to several iterations and possibilities where the audience and the performers merge at times and at times it opens itself up to a music/ dance game for children. The wireframe, when explored in depth, through music and movement takes on several trajectories (planned and improvised) into a metaphysical realm where time stands still and the only absolute divine energy is manifested. For Five Million Incidents, several Aatmasphere's will be orchestrated using sound, light, video-projection and dancers as a creative music/ dance game. 

Dara Okat is a graphic-artist/ filmmaker/ multi-instrumentalist living and working in Tiruvannamalai and Village Vashisht. He has composed several hours of original music, shot/ edited/ directed documentaries and experimental films and worked in branding agencies in London, Dubai and Mumbai.