Theatre Woodbeat: Theatre for Children

Woodbeat © HELIOS Theater, HOLZKLOPFEN, Foto-Walter G. Breuer

Tue, 31.10.2017 -
Sat, 04.11.2017

Modern High School Kolkata

Modern High School
78, Syed Amir Ali Avenue
Beck Bagan, Ballygunge
Kolkata 700 019

By Helios Theater, Germany

31 October (10:30 am), 1 November (10:30 am) and 4 November (11 am)

From 2 years upwards

It might be as big as a tree or as small as a  tiny splinter. It might be furniture or paper – wood surrounds us every day.

A percussionist and a puppeteer take their audience on a fascinating journey into wooden pictures and the sound of wood. They create figures and creatures, objects and tools and find out what wood can become in surprisingly new ways.

Co-production: HELIOS Theater, Hamm/DE & Theatre Jeune Public, Strasbourg/F

HELIOS Theater has a children's theatre house in the city of Hamm, which is the place where the ensemble works as a theatre, creates new performances and presents its repertoire of currently 10 productions to the local audience.

Annually 1-2 new productions are developed. Barbara Kölling, stage director and artistic director of the theatre has shaped the work of the theatre for years. In close cooperation with the performers, topics are worked on, narrations are dramatized and explorations of material are developed into drama. 

The theatre received the “promotion price of the county North-Rhine Westphalia” for its work four times. It was distinguished several times as “children theatre of the month” and was invited to many important festivals in Germany and abroad. Two theatre pedagogues work together with the ensemble on different artistic concepts with and for children and teenagers as well as educators and teachers.

Show 1 and Show 2 are by invitation only.
Show 3 is by registration.

For registration please call Abheri Datta at +919831256730 between 10 am to 6 pm

Or write to

Woodbeat © Helios Theater, Think Arts, Modern High School