Installation and Workshop Pleasant one is Conversation

By Pramod Kumar

The project ‘Pleasant one is a conversation’ will try to determine the aspect of machine mediated communication. This is a common reality of day to day life – it seems almost as if people are temporally traveling passing by time. Their fractured, desperate or indifferent, successful or irrelevant attempts to communicate, to be together, to be integrated, to love – in shared presence, but also shared absence.

Pramod Kumar, born in Patna India, has been based in Delhi since 2014. After graduating in fine arts from the College of Arts and Crafts at Patna University, Kumar joined a collective studio in Baroda, ‘Studio Space’ where he followed an individual studio-based model of art practice. His earlier work consists mostly of paintings and video work as well as installation and performance in physical space. Kumar started using technology in his artistic practice around 2010, and has presented his work Game in 2013 at Khoj International Artists’ Association in New Delhi. He has exhibited his work at various galleries and institutions, including Red Earth, TSAR and Inlaks.