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3 best games from Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2019

Best Serious Game

State of Mind

(Daedalic Entertainment)

Game trailer

State of Mind creates an intense and oppressive but fascinating atmosphere with its audiovisual means. The dystopian Berlin with its minimalistic architecture offers the ideal background for the dark plot: State of Mind is located in Berlin in 2048. It is about a dystopian society in which the boundaries between the virtual and the real world, between man and machine, become blurred. The jury was particularly impressed by the transhumanist theme that is becoming increasingly relevant in the age of machines. The game currently addresses highly topical and politically relevant questions, such as privacy, surveillance or the ethics of artificial intelligence. In addition, the production uses numerous motifs that both illustrate the complex aspects of the story and also interlock perfectly with the narrative.

Best Game for Young Adults

Unforeseen Incidents

(Application Systems Heidelberg)

Game trailer

UNFORESEEN INCIDENTS offers a captivating story that is visually reminiscent of a graphic novel. The adventure game presents the story and its protagonists with all seriousness while never missing on the sarcastic humor. The jury was particularly impressed by the soundtrack and its excellent narrators, which contributes a lot to the atmosphere of the game. Harper Pendrell is a likeable game character whom young people can easily identify with.

Best German Game


(Head Up Games)

Game trailer

Trüberbrook does everything differently, and so many things just right. With the charming and detailed model construction look, which was realized with the help of real sets, this adventure game visually manages to discover a distinctive and independent facet of this classic genre. However, Trüberbrook not only breaks with video game habits through the handcrafted, then digitized miniature backgrounds, but also relies on a fresh and unusual setting. ‘Heimatfilm’ meets science fiction meets adventure: never before has the German province of the late sixties been seen like this, humorous and captivating, a pop cultural homage full of allusions and atmosphere. Appropriately cast prominent dubbing voices breathe life into the lovingly designed and sympathetically quirky characters. The trip to the climatic health resort Trüberbrook is accompanied by music that the developer calls "quiet doom jazz". The richness of detail, which has been consistently applied in all areas of the production, pays off: Trüberbrook feels different, looks interestingly fallen out of time, and radiates a fascinating charm from the very first minute.