Five Million Incidents | Animation ​A Man, Some Trees and Dog: In a virtual space

A Man, Some Trees, And a Dog © Sukanya Ghosh © Sukanya Ghosh


Online Kolkata

By Sukanya Ghosh

A project that began as an exploration of serial drawings in time and its juxtaposition with the animated end result has moved into the domain of the virtual. Contrasting it’s original premise of occupying time in an outdoor and public space, it has weathered through the ravages of the locked down life and leaked into the virtual and the indoor. On the one hand, the small animations transform into GIFs and stickers and creep into Whatsapp and other messaging platforms to take on a life of their own. To go forth and wander in the interstices of texting. On the other hand, the quotidian indoor spaces become the flowering grounds for new animations – springing forth from the kitchen tap, or the wall socket. Join Sukanya as she explore these new domains over the next few days.

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