Five Million Incidents | Poetry Jam Bed Bug Intimacy: Arms From The Teeth

Bed Bugs Intimacy © Bazik Thlana © Bazik Thlana

Monday, 9 November 2020, 15:00 - 17:00

Online Kolkata

By Bazik Thlana

Bed Bug Intimacy is a series of events that puts itself forth as a mode of singularity. It revolves around bed bugs - the enigmatic, blood sucking and unwanted parasite acting as a catalyst for metaphorical questions or otherwise. The series examines socio-political resubjectivation through the shifting conditioning of sleep and wakefulness. For this project, participants are encouraged to react to the propositions and exordiums and inhabit the space created for the project.

Arms from the Teeth is a poetry jam exploring the power and effect of language and its usage. Activating the bedbug ‘infestation’ as a metaphor and navigating the power politics associated with language; its relation to fears and prejudices projected onto certain communities and people when an ‘infestation’ or ‘pandemic’ arises.