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Sunday, 8 November 2020, 17:00 onwards

Online Kolkata

Community Archiving Workshops

A series of workshops where practitioners from caste oppressed/indigenous communities will share their experience of collecting and organizing knowledge within their communities. The workshops will cover skills and concepts like Digital Storytelling, Oral Methods, Community Knowledge, Documentary Films and other Audio-Visual formats.

The workshops will last a total of 3 hours, and participants are expected to attend them in entirety. This series of workshops is limited to Dalit peoples.

Atul Anand
is a visual artist and media practitioner. He has worked with documentary films, photographs and news videos, through which he seeks to understand and act upon issues pertaining to social justice and democratic communication.

Dhrubo Jyoti is a journalist and writer based in New Delhi. They work with the Hindustan Times and write on national affairs at the intersection of caste and sexuality, especially focusing on histories of caste apartheid, elections, and citizenship.

Tiapong Tzudir is a Youtuber from Nagaland. His interest lies in generating communities online and creating community vlogs.

(Please note: Link for the workshops will be shared with the participants on a first come first serve basis, a limited number of participants can be hosted.)