'How can you hear what I am saying? I am so far away . . . '

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German List - Conversations on reading and writing Germany

Conversations. Encounters across cultures. Intense. Investigative. Probing. Wanting to know. Discovering along with the 'subject' of your questioning that the balance has shifted and you yourself are under a desperately interested microscope. Benign, but microscope, nevertheless. You cannot simply call this an encounter or an interview. It appears to take on the shape of a conversation amongst equals. The scales tip again and you find yourself becoming an acolyte one moment and a teacher the next. Sometimes both in an extremely delicate moment of clarity. What tremendous freedom. What tremendous responsibility. Manipulation or malleability?

A new series of online live streamings that will allow people of intellectual rigour to engage with each other in the real world and create a corpus of contemporary political, philosophical, literary and socially concerned conversations.