Home for Dance

HFD Nov Goethe-Institut Kolkata and Pickle Factory Dance Foundation

A residency with movement artists and architects/visual designers working together to create their ideal ‘home for dance’ - one which embodies the different elements of movement practice and performance interweaving it with Kolkata’s ethos and sensibilities.

Building on this connection that a people share with their surroundings, we want you to shape a space where dancers truly belong.

This residency hopes to widen the conversation around building a permanent venue or a ‘home for dance’ in Kolkata: by involving a plurality of dreams and ideas as well as emphasising the often overlooked aspects like texture, design and feel while creating such a space.

Five mentors will oversee and guide applicants through the period of residency: three Indian mentors from the fields of architecture, cultural entrepreneurship and dance along with two German mentors from the fields of movement practice and repurposing spaces for the arts.

The last two weeks of the residency will see an exhibition -- a physical/virtual culmination of the three design projects/installations worked on. We will also design specific events around this exhibition.

We hope this exhibition will be a launch pad for conversations around repurposed spaces for the arts, not just with a general audience but also with specific members of the community who have the resources to bring these ideas to fruition.

To know more about the project, the participating artists and the mentors click here.