Client Feedback

Empowering an intercultural mindset

Hear from some of our former clients about their experience of intercultural training.

Schuler India, Pune © Goethe-Institut Mumbai

Schuler India, Pune | 10. - 11.02.2020
Intercultural Awareness Training

Thank you so much for your efforts and the time you spent with the Schuler India Team, helping them improving their quotient as regards Intercultural Competency.
The Team gave a very positive feedback about their experience in the last two days during the training.

Nitin Kulkarni, Managing Director, Schuler India, Pune

Workshop Baerlocher © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Baerlocher India Additives Pvt. Ltd., Indore | 7.-8.01.2020
Intercultural Sensitizing Workshop

I would like to thank you for an excellent intercultural program conducted for our team. It was truly a journey – into ourselves and our roots as much as into the German culture and the team was really energised and impressed! I would be happy to recommend the program (and specifically you as a facilitator) to all who interact between our cultures. We only wish we would have done it earlier! 
(Jayen J. Modi, Managing Director of ​Baerlocher India Additives Pvt. Ltd.)

IKK, 25.01.2019 © Goethe-Institut Mumbai

BRITA India Water Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore | 18.01.2019
Intercultural Training for Managers and business leaders

My husband and I both were extremely happy with the workshop. It was very helpful in preparing us for our time in India! Greetings from Taunus, Melanie Aselmann (Director Product Marketing Dispenser, Group Strategic Marketing)
We enjoyed the workshop very much. The day, so close to the stressful phase of the launch preparation, was good for us. 
Best regards, Harmut Wolf (Managing Director)

Mercedes Daimler Training © Goethe-Institut Mumbai

​Mercedes-Benz in Nashik | 23.02.2018
Experiencing how others think

Interculturalism was pretty new to us, but now we understand how important it is for us to explore intercultural issues more going forward.
(Ha Quoc and Doan Nguyen Thi Ngoc from Vietnam)

The results are longer lasting when they’re linked to situations. And there was no black-and-white logic to it. We could see how the others think, what’s important to them, how we can support them and gain their trust.
(Kuldeep Vij from India)

BASF | 21. - 22.12.2018
Relocation Training - BASF

The inter-cultural session was extremely insightful and will be of tremendous help once we are in Germany. The format of the session was well thought of and easy going, at the same time not comprised on content. I appreciate your patience and communication style. You gave us enough time to voice our concerns, encouraged us to ask questions and patiently went about answering all of them while drawing a historical and cultural link, which made us appreciate the way things are. Your practical tips will keep us in good stead while we begin our journey on German land.  I was amazed at the amount of knowledge transfer that took place over a period of two days. There was never a dull moment and the session really left me wanting for more. Your knowledge about India and its culture is admirable and the passion with which you advocate it, is contagious. Thank you....
Dimple and Sunny Jadhav - BASF – Relocation Training