Intercultural Competence

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Intercultural competence: The key to international markets

Intercultural competence is the key to operating confidently on the world stage. It forms the basis for productive and trustful teamwork and, as a result, for global business success.

Intercultural Competence Training for Business Clients and Corporates

Along with language, the culture of a country, plays a pivotal role in business communication. Our intercultural competence facilitating programmes sensitise Indian and German managers and business leaders on German and Indian business cultures, and equip them with strategies to achieve a ‘win-win’ by learning cultural flexibility.

We cater to diverse segments including IT, Telecommunications, Call-Centres, Banking and Finance, Automotive, KPO and BPO. Stakeholders include new recruits, middle-level management and business leaders, project leaders, top management, managers, leaders as well as spouses looking to relocate.

  • Customised programmes designed as per client needs, ensuring strong return on investment
  • Comprehensive offering ranging from needs-analysis to post-training evaluation
  • Certified trainers ensuring guaranteed standards of quality across the globe
  • Over 60 years of experience as cultural mediators
  • Global network of 150 Goethe-Institut branches in 98 countries

Our Intercultural Training Programmes

Germany Sensitisation Workshops

Our intercultural seminar on Germany Sensitisation is specially customised and designed to address the important issues in intercultural communication between German and Indian companies. The Germany Sensitisation Workshops for associates of Indian companies are offered either in English or in the regional language. The seminar is ideally suited for delegates/associates travelling on a short business assignment to Germany or as a general preparation for employees working for a German organization.

Duration: 1-2 Days

Relocation Training - Germany

Understanding the life and leisure, cultural standards, communication patterns of a country during relocation is important for successful adaption. Targeted for business clients, this workshop is ideally suited for delegates and their spouses posted in Germany on a 2-3 years assignment.

Duration: 1-Day
India Sensitisation Workshops – for foreign nationals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This workshop sensitises business associates from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the Indian way of doing business and explains the historical and social genesis of the Indian business world.

This two-day workshop is conducted in German. For mixed transcultural teams, the workshop language can be English. The sessions are completely tailor-made to suit the precise requirements of the company. The ROI is the centre of our training.

Duration: 1- 2 Days

Relocation Training - India

Understanding the life and leisure, cultural standards, communication patterns of a country during relocation is important for successful adaption. Targeted for business clients, this workshop is ideally suited for delegates and their spouses relocating to India on short to medium term assignments.

Duration: 1-Day
In today’s globalized world different cultures are continuously interacting with each other using, in most cases, virtual tools. The new medium forces cultures to learn the art of communicating in a tacit form.
However a lack of intercultural awareness can create a kind of short-circuit in communication between global business partners, disrupting business. Cross cultural training can play a positive role for your organization. It helps to achieve a state of continuous awareness making the cross-cultural journey more enjoyable starting from a stern ethnocentricity to more harmonious ethno relativity in the globalised world of today.

Duration: 1-2 Days


Intercultural Competency & Business German Communication

The goal of the Sandwich Programme is to empower managers, leaders and technical experts linguistically and inter-culturally for immediate application of their training on the job. It ensures a holistic learning process with a blend of language and culture and a reflection of one in the other.

This programme is specifically directed towards employees of German SMEs in India. It aims to inculcate intercultural awareness and training in managers, skilled and semi-skilled workers to enable them to better understand the German mind-set, as well as German structures and regulations guiding the industry. It also helps to provide a deeper insight into the German value system, which enables the Indian team to be authentic in their communication and explain the Indian viewpoint to the German side in a convincing manner.

Duration: 1 Day

Our Trainers

Our Intercultural Facilitators are trained and certified by the Goethe-Institut and Academy of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Munich and Oberbayern. They have relevant experience in the business sector and possess the requisite cultural expertise in both, the source and target cultures.

The modular structure of our intercultural competence programmes guarantees a standardized framework with sufficient flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

Each of our four integrated training modules builds on the previous one: Awareness, Communication, Cooperation and Action.

  • Self-reflection
  • How we view ourselves, and how we are viewed by others
  • Changing perspectives
  • Personal and virtual communication
  • Effective communication
  • Styles of intercultural communication
  • Getting to know and understand different values, mentalities and work cultures
  • Meaning and interpretation of stereotypes
  • Cooperative approaches to working and business partners  
  • Using action strategies in role playing, case studies and simulations
  • Developing conflict resolution strategies
  • Building synergies: using diversity as an opportunity, understanding and appreciating other cultures