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German for Business Communication

All our Business Communication courses are customised to suit the requirements of the participants and corporate clients. We cater to diverse segments including IT, Telecommunications, Call-Centres, Banking and Finance, Automotive, KPO and BPO.

The Business Communication course helps participants acquire basic knowledge of the business small-talk in German. It allows non-native speakers of the German language to enhance their communication skills in the workplace with clients and their German counterparts to carry out basic business functions while also providing a deeper cross-cultural understanding.

Our trainers have undergone a specialised Training to be able to conduct these tailor-made courses.

The course content ensures that you develop special skills to receptively understand business reports, technical reports, compound words and E-Mails written in Germany.  
We tailor our course content to fit 50 unit and 100 unit modules. In this Two-Phase Language Programme, Phase I is the basic/foundation course with 50 lesson hours. Phase II is the Advanced Business German course with additional 50 Lesson hours.

Module 1 Phonetics, alphabets, numbers up to Million and Billions, greeting a business partner, exchanging visiting cards, working with visiting cards from Germany. Intercultural Dos and Don’ts.
Module 2 Phonetics, communication in day-to-day situations at work, orientation in the company, names of departments and their functions, intercultural tips.
Module 3 Phonetics, reading comprehension of company profiles, simple statistics, receptive understanding and interpretation of charts, curves and graphs.
Module 4 Phonetics, reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary related to time/day/dates, reading timetables/managing, cancelling, fixing appointments.
Module 5 Phonetics, reading and listening comprehension related to workplace, information on your company/product/services/ Telephone manners in the German Business world/Intercultural tips.

Intercultural Competence Training


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Intercultural Training

Our training courses enable your company to increase productivity in multicultural teams, better understand your international business partners and act with confidence on international markets.