Conference in Pune | June 28, 2019 Intercultural Intelligence and Global Mobility

Conference ICGM, Pune 2019
© Goethe-Institut Mumbai

‘Intercultural Intelligence and Global Mobility’ was the unique theme of the conference organised by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai on Friday, June 28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Pune, in collaboration with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce and with the support of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai.
Mira Dalvi represented the Indo German Chamber of Commerce, Pune while the Guest of Honour was Marja-Einig from the German Consulate, Mumbai at the conference.

Recognising the importance of working in an increasingly transnational and transcultural business environment, Vaishali Karmarkar, Head of Intercultural Management, South Asia from the Goethe-Institut, Mumbai propounded that leaders today must possess a mental mobility and flexibility to not only appreciate but also adapt to diverse mind-sets, communication methods as well as working styles prevalent around the globe. 

Consequently, the idea of the conference revolved around maintaining effective virtual communication across cultures in the corporate world, best practices with regards to process integration and human resource management as well as the risks and challenges of working in an intercultural environment. The essence of the talk was eloquently summarised by three esteemed guests, Ms Freya Barua who works as part of Talent Development in the Culture and Language Initiatives at TCS, Dr Arnee Schneemann, Director of Engineering and Research at MTU India, as well as Mr Ulrich Öfele, Director Hoffmann Quality Tools.

Konferenz: IIGM - World Café © Goethe-Institut Mumbai
The interactive style of the conference served to empower the audience leading to greatly insightful discussions on the common perceptions and realities of virtual communication, people and process integration in an Indo-German context as well as challenges faced by Indian companies seeking to set up business in Germany and German companies in India.  

By offering both, Intercultural Awareness Training juxtaposed with Business Communication Language courses, Mrs Karmarkar believes that Goethe-Institut is in a unique position to combat many of the challenges posed by an intercultural world. A globally reputed brand name with a rich history of 60 years, Goethe-Institut provides a huge resource of certified intercultural facilitators from the Munich Chamber of Commerce and customised programmes to meet the needs of every corporate, be it Relocation Training, India Sensitisation, Germany Sensitisation or Intercultural Competency Training for leaders, managers as well as new recruits.