Frequently Asked Question

C3 - Project launch © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

​The project is open for all creative professionals, like  artists, designers, architects, film-makers, theatre professionals, writers – anyone willing to work collaboratively and within the open source world.

You need not have previously worked in or contributed to open source, but should be willing to publish a personal project within it. In case you have not published anything before, we will guide you through the process.

15th August 2021, 11.59 CEST

Open call:

  • Fill the online form
  • Spread the word among others so we have a rich cohort

Through the program: 

  • Be present at the workshops, events, impulse sessions
  • Have a collaborative mindset and actively seek out partnerships
  • Share experiences and contribute to discussion and debates to further the field

Participants will not be charged any participation fees. All the events, meet-ups, workshops organised within the project are free.

The program will support project expenses of collaborative group proposals upto a maximum of €2000.  This should include access to platforms, tools and software which would enable the group to manifest ideas. There will also be support provided via access and recommendation to residencies and other knowledge platforms.

Contributing to a project means publishing it in open source and making it available to other potential collaborators to ideate and build on. 

When creators publish their work online with an open source license, it allows potential collaborators to build on or modify, systematically and always with proper credits.

There are various kinds of licenses available, choice of license depends on the material being published and author of the work. The program will guide participants in this regard as projects get developed. 

The project is geared towards developing innovative ideas without always reinventing the wheel. It’s aim is that creators work on projects or innovate from working together and sharing resources and knowledge. 



At the end of the project, you are the author of your work, it is part of the open source ecosystem and you can continue to develop it through the networks and collaborations you have created.