Upcoming Exhibitions

56th Venice Biennial – © Goethe-Institut Mumbai, Photo: Anil Rane

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan
An exhibition by GI, aimed at school children on sustainable living practices. This interactive exhibition aims to raise awareness of environmental themes, addressing young people in particular. It follows the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. A section of the exhibition is dedicated to each of these four elements.
With expert Ravi Agarwal

The new age of power over nature, is now being called the Anthropocene or the era of Humans. It is a dire reminder that no part of the planet is unmarked or unexplored by humans, and that its future itself rests with us. The idea of the Anthropocene is a new place holder for rethinking the state of planet. 
The Objective of this 1.5 day round table conference is to initiate discussions about the ways in which we visualize, evoke and think about nature and our relationships with it, with an emphasis on India.
It proposes to bring together artists, cultural practitioners, natural and social scientists, policy people, activists and thinkers for a moderated conversation.
A firm output will be an edited report and a plan to take the process forward to a larger event (to include art show(s), cultural events, readings etc.) in 2019, based on the inputs gathered during this meeting.
Otto Dix’s experience during WWI had a lasting impact on him and influenced his entire life’s work. His depiction of war, together with his own memories formed the basis of a later grandiose serial work entitled 'The War', published in 1924 by Karl Nierendorf. The series, consisting of fifty separate drawings and often compared to Goya's Desastres de la Guerra, gives an authentic and horrifying portrayal of WWI. It ranks particularly highly among the main works of Dix's oeuvre, forms the center of this exhibition.

An ifa exhibition.
The ifa exhibition Marcel Odenbach – Stille Bewegungen. Tranquil Motions introduces audiences to one of Germany’s preeminent video artists; the monographic show includes key video works and works on paper from the past three decades. The combination of exhibits unfolds a panorama of Odenbach’s entire oeuvre, illuminating how the artist studies different cultures and paints a portrait, as analytical as it is emotional, of the human being in a globalized society.

Place: NGMA & Gallery MMB
Viktoria Binschtok reflects on the medium of photography in her photographic work and uses subtle shifts of context to address the function and representation of images. She makes equal use of both her own photographs and images from the internet and other media sources.
Michael Schäfer’s approach to photography is a form of artistic mimicry, a way of appropriating images so as to deconstruct them.

An ifa exhibition.