Residency - electronic music
Mumbai - Cologne

Residency - electronic music © Goethe-Institut Mumbai

The City of Cologne and the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with the Katzensprung-Festival, are awarding a two-part tandem residency in the field of electronic music to a musician living in Cologne and a musician living in Mumbai.The residency will take place in Cologne and Mumbai. This program is part of the new actiRHYTHM residency format.

The residency is for solo artist who live and work in Mumbai. Musicians in the field of electronic music who are particularly open to transcultural production processes can apply. The format is specifically aimed at musicians who actively advocate an open, diverse and inclusive society and who are interested in cultural and social discourses.

Musicians who would like to apply for a residency should have a high degree of independence, initiative and be open to interdisciplinary exchange. They should have a good knowledge of the music scene in Mumbai and be ready to take on the role of a co-host in Mumbai with regard to networking and access to the local community for the artist from Cologne. The Goethe-Institut will host and give organizational support for the residency in Mumbai.

Both residencies have a duration of four to six weeks. The residency in Cologne will (probably) take place in November / December 2020* while the residency in Mumbai will (probably) take place in March / April 2021*. Applicants must be available for both periods.

* dependent on local pandemic guidelines

The city of Cologne and the Goethe-Institut are launching with actiRHYTHM a new residency format for committed musicians in the field of “music and activism” from Germany and India. In addition to the 'classic' cultural exchange, the program also aims to network creative scenes in the participating cities that see themselves as part of civil society.

As a joint residency program of the Goethe-Institut Mumbai and the City of Cologne, it enables musicians from Cologne to stay in Mumbai for four to six weeks and for musicians from Mumbai in reverse to stay in Cologne for four to six weeks. The special feature of this program is that tandems are formed between the participants from Cologne and Mumbai in a participatory selection process. The residents become co-hosts in their city and give guests from the other city direct access to the creative scenes and artistic networks on site. A presentation of the joint production as part of the Katzensprung Festival 2021 is possible.

The city of Cologne and the Goethe-Institut Mumbai cover the cost of the respective residencies abroad. This includes travel expenses (arrival and departure) as well as food, accommodation and work / rehearsal space and, if applicable, project money.

Note: The Mumbai artist has no organizational role to play in the accommodation of the artist from Cologne in Mumbai. This is made available via the residency program.

The application deadline for the residency is September 15, 2020.

The selection for the tandem residency takes place in a two-stage selection process. In the first step, the respective juries nominate three candidates from Cologne and Mumbai from the respective applications pertaining to the cities.

For this purpose, the following completed questionnaire must be submitted. The questionnaire must be completed in ENGLISH!

Please fill up the questionaire! 

In the second step, the nominated candidates are included in the final selection process. On the basis of a mutual assessment, a tandem will be selected from the six nominated applicants.