Festival Life is same for You and Me - Mark II / Indian Edition

International Short Film Festival on Differently Abled

Saturday, February 22, 
@ Galerie Max Mueller
10.00 am: Festival opening & Film Screening
4.00 pm: Panel discussion on “inclusive society” Mohan Agashe, Gregor Kern, Anjali Monteiro, Mithu Alur Saturday
6.30 pm Short Films on “differently abled” 

Monday, February 24,
@ Tata Institute of Social Sciences 
3.00 pm to 6.00 pm Film screening & discussion on “difference is normal” with Mohan Agashe, Gregor Kern, Anjali Monteiro, Amrit Gangar.

Monday, February 24, 
10 am to 1 pm Morning session at the film school Whistling Woods

"These short films are like dietary supplements. They not only entertain you, they create empathy in you and produce "Awareness" in the brain, essential for thinking. And empathy combined with intelligent thinking is "Education"- Healthy way of looking at the world. Viewing a good film is a non-invasive tool of learning, particularly about inclusive society.
Just come and watch, it is getting dark… so see some bright films!"

Dr. Mohan Agashe

"I would like to thank my friend Rick Randall of The Other Film Festival in Melbourne / Australia for his generous support."

Gregor Kern

The portrayal of disability in films swings primarily between two extremes – pity, fun, caricaturing, sympathy, and awesome heroism are at one end of the spectrum while discrimination, coping-up, emotional upheavals and aspirations of the human soul are at the other end. The largely superficial and inadequate depiction of disabilities in the media plays a major role in forming public perception of disability.
This calls for an urgent analysis of existing attitudes and feelings towards disability, in order to determine an informed and realistic approach to the matter. This is precisely what we seek to present here. Through several projects, we have demonstrated that film and documentaries can be a powerful medium for educating the public about disability issues, dispelling myths, stereotypes and misconceptions about persons with disabilities and promoting a new approach to disability which guarantees equal rights and opportunities and equal access.

More than 20 carefully selected short films from all over the world offer a new and fresh take on people with disabilities. The films are a record of the ways in which they see and experience life. People with disabilities share the same goals and dreams in life as every other person. Therefore the rights of people with disabilities are human rights – the right to be equal, and the right to be different. This programme aims to be a forum to promote dialogue and exchange of views between media professionals, persons with disabilities and those working for the disabled.

The festival is curated by Mr. Gregor Kern, ex-director of International Short Film Festival “Wie wir leben! / The Way We Live!”, and Dr. Mohan Agashe, psychiatrist, well known Indian actor, theatre personality and ex-director Film and Television Institute of India.

The festival will include films that were already successfully screened at the festival “Wie wir leben!” in Munich and also a few recent films. Both the curators will be present during the festival and also conduct discussions after the screenings.