Seminar PIX photography seminar

Frameworks: A seminar on positions and practices in photography

A two-day seminar with interesting panels, photo presentations and discussions. The idea is to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

There will be six sessions on different aspects of photography over the duration of two days. The participation is free of charge and open to all. Feel free to participate in the whole seminar or choose the session topics you’re most interested in. Tea and lunch will be served as well.

INTRODUCTION // Sat , 10.00 am

SESSION #1 // Sat, 11.00 am
Not Just Documents: Photography and Art Practices

The thinking, writing and production of photography have been re-inscribed in the present based on technologies, motivations and working practices.

SESSION #2 // Sat, 2.00 pm

The Need for Curation: Supporting photography
This seminar proposes to look into the initiatives of the past few years, and how can we create a healthy and supportive environment in South Asia? Can we develop further partnerships with private institutions while maintaining the absolute freedom of expression?

SESSION #3 // Sat, 4.30 pm
Archives of a City: A Visual Heritage
Who then are the agents of archivisation? What is the responsibility of private collectors, public institutions, and artists/collectives?

SESSION #4 // Sun, 11.00 am

Are photographs mutable objects? Craft as a changing language
This session seeks to locate instances of departure from the norm of ‘straight’ photography as strictly documentary practice and explore the craft of displaying and sharing photographs in the light of contemporary practice.

SESSION #5 // Sun, 2.00 pm

Photography Not Allowed: Shooting and exhibiting in Public Space
What sort of engagement do we get with the viewer by pasting photographs outdoors? Is this a new fashion or a real democratization of the practice? How do we put this in perspective with the growth of public art and street art in India?

SESSION #6 // Sun, 4.30 pm

New Ethnographies : Contemporary usages of the photographic image
This session also aims to locate instances of ‘connectivity’ between past and present practices in conscious ways in order to develop a sense of stylistic lineage and creative departure.

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