Workshop Violence in Pictures - with Wiebke Trunk

ifa exhibition: Otto Dix – Social Criticism and War ifa exhibition: Otto Dix – Social Criticism and War

Tue, 25.09.2018 -
Wed, 26.09.2018

Gallery MMB

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan
K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda
400001 Mumbai

A two day workshop in conjunction with the exhibition Social Criticism and War by Otto Dix

In this workshop, apart from the examining the work of Otto Dix, the participants will focus on developing possibilities, discussing violence, power and aggression and reflecting on them through the development of their own images. Copies of the work of Dix are to be processed in the workshop together with current images from the press and the Internet. The reason for this is to consider that through this practical / theoretical comparison certain aspects can come forth, which offer the participants a chance to think about fundamental questions regarding power and violence - not least with regard to the current political development. The aim is to provide content-related access to current events on works from the 1920s in order to simultaneously understand and work on questions of the reproduction of images and their distribution in the context of contemporary imaging criteria.
The fact that Dix's work originated at the beginning of the twentieth century means that the political and social factors discussed in it can first be experienced at a temporal distance. This provides the opportunity to relate today's images of aggressiveness and violence and to speak directly about their contexts and their origins. Art thus becomes a resource for reassessing current and past socio-political violence / power and aggression - in one's own life, in the media, in the respective national political history and present, etc. This offers opportunities to experience patterns of behaviour and to re-formulate it through the work produced in the workshop.
The central course of the action is therefore to have a productive combination of images. The copies of Dix prints are to be processed together with up-to-date pictures from contemporary media (newspapers, internet, digital pictures, magazines, etc.) The aim of the workshop is therefore to sensitize people to the phenomena of socio-political reality and their specific potential for action in the form of images. The distance of extreme violence offered by Dix can be understood independently in the form of the collages made in the workshop.
What should be brought?
  • Participants should bring any current or historical footage (copies of books, magazines, newspapers, prints from the internet, etc.) on the interpersonal, sexual or warlike aggression (bring about 5 sheets).
  • Other material would be provided in the workshop
  • Anyone 14 + years old
  • Max 30 participants
This is a free workshop.
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