Workshop The Envelopes: Excursion into Rimini Protokoll’s theatre of the everyday with Daniel Wetzel

Rimini Protokoll - Portrait © David von Becker

Fri, 16.08.2019 -
Sun, 18.08.2019

Library MMB

K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda
400001 Mumbai

a documentary theatre workshop

The workshop explores the theatre of the everyday in the public sphere. Participants will develop micro scenes, write performative instructions and explore their as spontaneous and temporary performers in a public space.

The questions we will begin with are: Who did you write your last letter to? Is it a secret? From whom did you receive your last letter? We will then fill envelopes with other performatives - texts that inspire, instruct, organise temporary scenes which then can be played even by strangers that just pass by. Our “performance” will be on the road, or a post office, or a sidewalk by the sea.

To apply for this workshop, email
or call 09886741331.
No age, or experience limitations, open to all.