Performative reading Idomeneus (Roland Schimmelpfennig)

Idomeneus - Poster © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Sat, 11.12.2021


Library MMB

Part of the project “German contemporary plays in South Asian Languages”

We tend to think about Greek tragedies hurtling towards their inevitable conclusion. The protagonist cannot escape his or her fate. Electra is always doomed to kill her mother. The outcome of the story is fixed, it cannot be changed. Or can it? Perhaps the way the story is told can change it and its meanings. A storyteller's perspective shapes and influences a narrative. Maybe Idomeneus doesn't kill Idamantes. Maybe his son sails off into the sunset with his beloved Electra. Maybe Meda isn't having an affair.

A kaleidoscope of monsters, mythmaking and sudden, striking humor, Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Idomeneus details the end of a war between nations and the beginning of a war between reason and superstition. Idomeneus makes a promise to the gods, and what comes next is a fractured, mythic tidal wave, brought to life in an inventively staged quest-story.

Performed reading by Theatre Unit and Tamasha Theatre

Bhavna Pani, Aditi Arora, Niiya Kumar, Fatema Arif, Shashank Vishnudutt, Farrukh Seyyer, Jitender Singh, Nitin Gupta
Regie: Sukant Goel

Hindustani by Asad Hussain

This play is also translated into:
Bangla (Sunanda Basu and Amrita Dhara)
Urdu (Salman Abbas)