Film Lola


Sat, 11.02.2023

14:00 hrs IST

Library MMB

1981, 113 Min.

A provincial German town in 1957. Boom, economic miracle, optimism. At the establishment “Villa Fink”, Lola (Barbara Sukowa), queen of the night, drives the men crazy. Her favorite is Schuckert (Mario Adorf), one of the major developers in town who offers carefree, pleasant times here to the more important city council members. Schuckert holds the urban building activities firmly in his hands. But then one day the new building commissioner von Bohm (Armin Mueller-Stahl) appears on the scene. He is an honorable and energetic man who falls in love with Lola but no clue about her night-time activities. Schuckert recognizes that with Lola’s help, he will be able to avoid the imminent conflict with his antagonist …