Artist Presentation and Conversation Observatories near and daily

Critical Zones activation programme © ZKM/GI-SAS

Thu, 02.03.2023

5:00 PM

Indian Museum

Two artists from West Bengal, Maksud Ali Mandal and Mallika Das Sutar will present their works which extend a close and intimate look at the surrounding human-non-human world and daily habits.
Moderated by Ushmita Sahu the artists will be engaged in a conversation about their artistic motivations and approaches. 
The programme is open to all.
Venue rules applied.

Maksud Ali Mondal © Maksud Ali Mondal MAKSUD ALI MONDAL

Maksud Ali Mondal completed his BFA and MFA from Kala Bhavan, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, in 2019 with a semester at the Royal Academy of Art, Netherlands. His practice includes facilitating experiential understanding of organisms in a durational, built microcosm, using sculpture, painting, installation and photography. He is interested in generating reflections on how we understand ourselves in relation to each other, including other species, organisms and civilizations as well as our place in the transforming environment. His work deals with microbial contamination as a conversational expression, based on the observation of growth, transformations, and decomposition of organic matter by bacteria, fungi, microbial creatures, fermentation, oxidation, rotting, as well as with the organic, man-made, found objects and every day, discarded materials. He received an international award from the Kochi-Muziris Students' Biennale in 2019, the INLAKS fine art award in 2021, and the National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, India, in 2018.

Mallika Das Sutar © Mallika Das Sutar MALLIKA DAS SUTAR

Mallika Das Sutar’s multimedia oeuvre includes paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, performances and public art interventions. A dominant part of her practice is to engage with the local communities especially, the women in various collaborative ventures– social, ecological and artistic. She has been a part of several group shows in kolkata and different places in India, and the 18th Asian Art Biennale 2018, 5th Bangkok Triennale International 2019, and Pushing Boundaries, Bonn, 2015. Mallika is a member of Chander Haat, a community-based artist collective.

Ushmita Sahu © Ushmita Sahu USHMITA SAHU

Ushmita Sahu, director and head curator of Emami Art, Kolkata has a background in fine arts from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. Before joining the institution Ushmita has worked as an artist, independent curator, art writer and scholar for several years and has numerous national and international projects to her credit. Ushmita believes in harnessing a multidimensional approach to engage with artistic cultural practices and production. By introducing long and short term programmes and projects that explore mentorship, critical discourse, artistic and creative exchanges as well as pedagogical approaches to knowledge making and sharing, Ushmita aims to create a space of ferment, inclusivity and discourse that will also focus on extending the dialogue within the region. Ushmita also lectures at various art & design institutes and mentors young artists in her spare time.