Workshop How to be terrestrial?

A workshop about the 7 planet diagram after Bruno Latour, conducted by Mira Hirtz

What is our relationship to planet Earth? How does this relationship shape our identity? This workshop on the question of 'How to be terrestrial?' based on Bruno Latour’s and Alexandra Arénes’ diagram of the 7 planets, which states that our relationships – the ones of people and societies across the world – towards our planet are so different that it seems like we don’t even live on the same planet. The workshop investigated this geopolitical idea, drawing on discursive and performative methods. How is the diagram embodied in our everyday life?
Where do we detect them around and within ourselves?

After a tour through the exhibition, the participants along with Mira Hirtz investigated topics, words and movements of our immediate surroundings that speak about identity and territory, community and dependency. The workshop participants were able to tap from personal experience into more abstract political issues. The students from SEA came up with exciting and precise observations of how different communities in and around Mumbai claim space in different ways and of how religion, tradition and economy mingle when it comes to taking a political stance towards planet Earth. Their expertise also allowed to look into architectural manifestations of the 7 planet diagram.