Book Launch Two publications from the Yamuna-Elbe project, 2011

The Yamuna Manifesto, edited by Ravi Agarwal and Till Krause
What will be my defeat? By Atul Bhalla

The Yamuna Manifesto and What will be my defeat? grew out of Project Y – a public art and outreach project initiated by the Ministry of Culture, Hamburg, and carried out in the framework of Germany and India 2011–2012: Infinite Opportunities. Centred on the idea of creating ecological and sustainable rivers in cities, the project was held almost simultaneously in the cities of Delhi and Hamburg between October and November 2011.

The Yamuna Manifesto
Edited by Ravi Agarwal and Till Krause

The Yamuna and Elbe rivers came alive with the public art project held in Hamburg and Delhi in October and November 2011. Earlier in December 2010, a multi disciplinary seminar held in New Delhi, had conceptually initiated the project. This book is an outcome of some of the ideas, which emerged. A bilingual publication, combining the views of activists and artists, blurring boundaries between fact and the imaginary, it is an attempt to widen ideas around ecology, to re-territorialize it, and to move beyond binary narratives of catastrophe and untouched nature, to one of multidimensional reframings. With contributions by Manoj Mishra, Himanshu Thakkar, Sheba Chhachhi, Vivan Sundaram, Atul Bhalla, Raqs Media Collective, Till Krause and Ravi Agarwal.

(Yamuna Manifesto, ed. Ravi Agarwal and Till Krause, Goethe-Institut and Toxics Link, Project Y, New Delhi, 2013

What will be my defeat?
By Atul Bhalla

Atul Bhalla’s performative photographs were made in Hamburg for his participation in the Yamuna Elbe project. Atul created a series of works around cross cultural ideas of ecology as basic elements of our identity, through a series of photographs, and text adapted from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, in the form of questions. These images were shown on the project boat in Hamburg. Now published in the form of a book, Atul’s enquiries are posed to a wider audience.

(What will be my defeat? Atul Bhalla. Published and edited by Nina Kalenbach, Till Krause and Ravi Agarwal. Free River Zone, Hamburg, 2012

Programme for the Launch

I.   Welcome by Robin Mallick
II.  "The Reciprocal River. The Yamuna-Elbe Project" by Ragi Agarwal
III. Book launch by Heiko Sievers
IV.  "Art Activism & Ecology". A conversation moderated by Ravi
V.   Q & A Session