Theatre Festival PlayON!

Saturday, 15 Feburary 2014, 1:30 pm onwards

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

PlayON! - The Collegiate Theatre Festival of New German Writing is an attempt to promote the long-standing tradition of collegiate theatre in Delhi and introduce audiences to contemporary German writing.
The festival premiered as part of the Indo-German Urban Mela 2011-2012. The second edition of this festival will be held in February 2014 at the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

Three colleges have created plays under the mentorship of Delhi based actor and director Anirudh Nair, they are:

'Dog, Woman, Man' Written by Sibylle Berg. Presented by Sri Venkateswara College
Siddharta Halls, 2.30 pm

An unorthodox view of a relationship between two people: a dog describes the strange behaviour of the woman and the man who literally cling together even though they can scarcely stand one another.

'A Little Calm Before the Storm' Written by Theresias Walser. Presented by Lady Sriram College for Women
Library, 5.30 pm

Three actors are waiting their turn to appear on a chat show. While waiting for the presenter to arrive, they start chatting - about their profession, directors they hate, incompetent colleagues, their characters and the feasibility of portraying evil. Witty language and shocking revelations combine to produce a wonderfully comic piece of theatre, at the end of which the audience wonders who they have actually been laughing at.

'Jeff Koons' Written by Rainald Goetz. Presented by School of Planning and Architecture
Lawns, 7 pm

Disconcerting fact No. 1: The play is called Jeff Koons, but the kitsch artist Koons does not appear in the text. Disconcerting fact No. 2: Rainald Goetz dispenses with roles, dialogue and plot. The play starts with the third act and then jumps to the first act, switching between lyrical grandiloquence and lively rap, and ending rather abruptly with a sixth and seventh act. Disconcerting fact No. 3: A sense of cohesion does not necessarily have to arise, but it may do.

Also featuring:
Music by 'Dhwani', Indian Music Society of LSR


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