Launch PIX: HABITAT - Launch

Friday, 9 May 2014, 19:00

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

Nature, Character, Territory and Belonging

The launch of PIX: Habitat marks the 10th anniversary of the photography quarterly. This issue will explore the theme of habitat through various photographic practices, ranging from reportage to conceptual art photography. In a time of massive globalisation and instant information, how do we define what is our 'natural' environment? How do we ensure long term outcomes through sustainability, from the environmental and cultural point of view? The term 'habitat' can be further expanded into notions of identity, migration and assimilation. This theme comes at a time of grave ecological concern around the world, and retrospection, looking at the larger global picture of natural as well and manmade disasters. At a time when the global population is ever increasing, how do people adapt to a scarcity of resources? As consumers, we have already breached the capacities of many our resources, including water, land if not the air we breathe. What kind of an effect does this have and how do we need to understand our environment as an integral mold of our perceptions, as a portal of survival.

PIX is a photography quarterly that seeks not only to present photography in temporal, spatial or historical terms, but also in personal, self-conscious and aesthetic ways. PIX also seeks to investigate and engage with broad and expansive fields of contemporary photographic practice in India and outside, ranging from the application, conceptual standing and adaptability of photography to its subjects: its movement, transmission, appropriation and distinct relation to the allied arts.

The PIX team is Rahaab Allana, Nandita Jaishankar, Tanvi Mishra, Kaushik Ramaswamy and Arati Devasher.