Jazz Concert C.A.R.

C.A.R. © Stefan Braunbarth © Stefan Braunbarth

Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 18:30

Bikaner House

Pandara Road
Near India Gate
New Delhi

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi in association with Seher and Bikaner House present


„The psychedlic Four of C.A.R., who combine repetition and wobbling.”
- Ulrich Stock, Die Zeit
„Delicate jazz textures with freakout noise and digital vamps. A journey worth taking.”
- www.rocktheboDyelectric.com
„When listening to C.A.R. the old fields of jazz seem to lie on another planet.”
- Jörg Meyer, kieler nachrichten
A quest for musical spirituality in the twenty tens. Four young musicians transform their musical faith into C.A.R. They have developed a trip-like melange of jazz and electronics, improvisation and experimentation, science fiction and film noir, krautrock and cyberpunk. Gleaming energy, kaleidoscopic thoughtfulness, subtle finesse and an undeniable love for the beat — capitalization of an intoxicating mix: C.A.R.
This is C.A.R.:
Founded in 2011 by Johannes Klingebiel and Kenn Hartwig in Cologne, Germany, C.A.R. was originally a quintet playing wild experimental jazz with a pop approach. They eventually kicked the guitar and found their strength to be a subtly flowing melange of kraut-like arrangements infused with electronic and jazz sounds. Featuring drums, double bass, a wurlitzer stage piano, korg and oberheim synthesizers as well as an alto saxophone heavily altered by electronic effect devices, their tunes leave a lot of space for improvisation, but not in classical jazz way with one soloist dominating the music, but always as a delicate web of sound which has a potential to take their audience on an enticing trip.
Leonhard Huhn (Saxophone) | Christian Lorenzen (Wurlitzer Stage Piano) | Kenn Hartwig (Double Bass) | Johannes Klingebiel (Drums)
For further information about C.A.R., please visit:
Website: http://thisiscar.de/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqxfFtpMew-NLlt3TgRAq6g
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisiscar/
Bandcamp: https://thisiscar.bandcamp.com/releases
For further information about Seher, please visit: http://www.seher.in/