Five Million Incidents | Happening Seeking Lahore

Seeking Lahore © Vyom Mehta © Vyom Mehta

Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Online New Delhi

By Vyom Mehta

An Instagram based project wherein multiple Lahore based practitioners will take over the Actant Vyom Mehta's page and post stories over a 10 day period, in the first person. It is imagined as a visual mash up that gives insights into place, people, perspectives and practices.

The material that is posted is in response to a letter from Vyom, which speaks about his unfulfilled journey to Lahore to collect water from homes. Vyom wanted to try and travel to Lahore because of its proximity. It is only 50 odd kilometres from Amritsar and in Amritsar it is said that on a clear day the lights of Lahore are visible. The reason for wanting to make the journey came about from the deafening ‘othering’ that has become the norm in India towards Pakistan.