Five Million Incidents | Workshop Registrations Open: Body-a-Fair Online Workshop

Body-A-Fair © Nikita Teresa Sarkar © Nikita Teresa Sarkar

Registration Deadline: Thursday, 29 October 2020 / Workshops: Sunday, 1 until Sunday, 8 November 2020

Online Kolkata

By Nikita Teresa Sarkar

Registration Deadline: Thursday, 29 October 2020.

The project is divided into two online workshops - registration link here.

The workshop will explore the concept of beauty and its various inter-sectional perspectives through the process of candle making. The facilitators will direct the meaning of 'beauty' thruough various lenses by having conversations with people from different backgrounds.

First Workshop will cover the process of making the candle while having conversations with a plastic surgeon, a visually impaired person, a yoga instructor and a tattoo artist. Activities include carving out the mold with a blindfold on, melting the wax and waxing a small strip of hair from ones own body. The material required for each of these activities will be posted. There will also be games encouraging story sharing and dialogue that will be facilitated throughout the session. 

After the first workshop, each participant will nominate and post their candles to the participants of the next workshop. 

The Second Workshop will be facilitated by a sustainability advocate, a counsellor working with body image and a monk. The idea is to decorate the candle participants receive with the waste that is at their disposal. The aim being to consider the conditioning of our everyday routine and what is discarded in daily life and why? The activities that will be suggested as stimulus will involve our own bodily waste like the wax from our ears and nails that we cut. Participants will be encouraged to add these to the candle that is posted to them to create their own perception of beauty.

The finished candles will then be posted back to the artist, who will place these candles in different parts of the city, only to have them melt away with time.