Five Million Incidents | Happening Coming Out Party For The Androgynous Tree

Coming Out Party For The Androgynous Tree © Anish Cherian © Anish Cherian


Lodhi Garden

By Anish Cherian

In the second decade of the 21st century, a few acts altered our perceived reality causing fractures in the humanist project. The human subject signified by the altruistic machine - the state, the court etc., - became a contentious ground, with its underpinnings on the separation of man from the natural world. The transformation (not merely transfiguration) of the human body or natural being and their becoming have been sites of these fractures, revealing a new system of life beyond the human.
What catalysed a transformation which transgressed human?
1. Goa amended the preservation of trees act to classify the coconut tree as a kind of grass.
2. the Ganges river became the first non-human entity in India to be granted human rights.
The ruptures caused by such incidents have transformed a few trees inside Lodi garden into post-human images. These trees reveal stories and memories of this post-human world, where they are not limited by human understanding and nomenclature.
Coming Out Party For The Androgynous Tree, is an audio/music compilation of post-human memories. The trees invite you to witness their transformation, which will be available through the project page but audible only under the shade of these trees. Users are requested to take a walk in the garden, discover these talking trees, witness and embrace a similar transformation.