Five Million Incidents | Interview Comic Theorytelling: An Interview with the Gorilla General

Comic Theorytelling © John Xaviers © John Xaviers

Saturday, 7 November 2020, 17:30

Online New Delhi

By John Xaviers

On the 103rd Bolshevik Revolution Day, Gen.Kuttan Pillai, Conander-in-Chief of the Royal Gorillakkadu Marines, will give his first ever LIVE televised interview on November 7, Saturday at 5:30 PM IST. This interview which will be given to Gorrillakkadu National Television, will also be available on the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi YouTube channel.

It is believed that the comic character of Gorilla General was inspired by the real life persona of Gen.Pillai, who is also serving as the chair of the Museum Board at the Royal Museum of Post-Royal Arts, Gorillakkadu. Quite controversial in his statements about the dangers posed by “independence of mind” and contemporary art to modern statecraft, the interview might encompass a range of topics from curatorial sovereignty, artistic insurgency, the importance of military approval for artist budgets, military-media relations and the futures of Gorillakkadu economy as an offshore tax haven and the need to abolish contemporary artists from trading in the derivatives as art.  

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