Blended Learning

Goethe-Institut Blended Learning Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

More Flexibility

Blended learning combines face-to-face learning and online learning by taking the benefits of both teaching methods to enhance your learning experience.

Dates and prices

For those who prefer not to or are unable to attend classes, we offer distance learning courses. In most cases, they are administered by our head office in Germany. You and your tutor will be in close contact by e-mail.

New from April 2016:
Online Group Courses for various levels.

geeignet für Blended-Learning is an ideal option for all those who wish to learn at a fast pace, but do not have enough time to attend any ongoing (classroom) courses. Likewise, it is convenient and suitable for those in search of good distance learning options. 
Level A1, B2.1 / A2, B1. B2
Duration 18 Weeks with 160 / 180 teaching units of 45 Minutes each
Course Days 1 day per week (4 teaching units per day)
Candidates Max. 20 / 18 
Tutor Your Tutor is bi-lingual and guides you in German as well as English.
Präsenzphasen Personal interactions take place at the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan. You meet each other in small groups with the same tutor who guides you as a tele-tutor. 
  • Online-Guidance: 
    • Individual guidance by a tele-tutor throughout the course duration. 
    • individual online support and corrections by the tutor
  • Classroom coaching at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan
  • Two online sessions per week (Timings to be decided in mutual agreement with the class and the course instructor
  • Online exercises and activities (Course book, Audio-CD and Online-exercises)
  • Weekly online activities like chat and forum
  • Modern course material for self-learning
  • Course material: Netzwerk A1, Netzwerk A2
  • We also offer Blended Learning Course for the levels B2.1 und B2.2. As opposed to language courses for the levels A1 and A2, the self-learn course material does not consist of a CD-ROM, but it is a set of a text-books and Audio CDs. Additionally, you get an access to our online study portal, where you can find worksheets for self-learning.