Film-Screening In den Gängen

In den Gängen ©Sommerhaus Filmproduktion

Fri, 15.11.2019

Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Pune

14/3-B, Boat Club Road,
411001 Pune

Germany, 2018, 125 min.
Director: Thomas Stuber
Screenplay: Clemens Meyer, Thomas Stuber Cast: Sandra Hüller, Franz Rogowski, Peter Kurth, 
Distribution: MusicBox Films

German Film Guild Award & Ecumenical Jury Award Berlin 2018
German Film Award 2018 (Best Leading Actor)

After the shy and reclusive Christian loses his job, he finds work at a wholesale market. Bruno from the beverage aisle takes him under his wing and quickly becomes a fatherly friend to him. He shows him the ropes and patiently teaches him how to operate the fork lift. Among the aisles of the store, Christian meets “Sweets”-Marion. He is instantly smitten by her enigmatic charm. The coffee machine becomes their regular meeting point, and the two start getting to know each other. But Marion is married, and Christian's feelings for her seem to remain unrequited. Christian slowly becomes a member of the wholesale market family, and his days of driving fork lifts and stacking shelves mean much more to him than meets the eye—especially when Marion does not return to work one day.