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From GoldenTricycle

CLARC is an isometric, grid-based puzzle game with fast paced arcade elements. It features comic style visuals in various different graphical themes, from the inside of a chaotic factory to the surface of Mars to the interior of an intruding enemy spaceship where you think, run and fight through heaps and heaps of carefully designed puzzle and action areas.

The nerdy caretaker bot Clarc meets party robots during the game, falls in love with attractive nuclear missiles and finds irradiated supercomputers in the wasteland of the Martian surface. In order to protect his factory and friends from an attacking spaceship, Clarc must overcome his own programming and embark on a journey with an uncertain outcome...

CLARC's grid-based gameplay, crisp puzzles and lovingly designed 3D comic graphics will delight you for a long time!

CLARC is a terrific little game with a lot of heart. It's gorgeous, meaty, packed with a variety of clever puzzles, and challenging.



  • 100 officially hard puzzles
  • 25 huge levels
  • 12 hours of gameplay
  • High-resolution comic-style graphics
  • Lots of interactive game elements
  • Sophisticated enemy AI

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