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From The Good Evil
Squirrel & Bär

The winner of the Best Children's Game, Squirrel & Bear is an adventure learning game for children between 3 - 9 years and their parents.

The bees are sick. Squirrel and Bear must save them. But the medicinal plant is guarded by the lynx. And beyond the forest, all the animals speak English. Help Squirrel & Bear to save the bees and learn English!

In short: 1 real adventure, 10 forest inhabitants, 22 chapters and more than 900 words...

Squirrel & Bär can be highly recommended for both entertainment and learning English.

Deutsches Jugendinstitut


  • More than 6 hours of fun
  • 22 replayable chapters
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • More than 300 active and 600 passive words
  • Based on The European Reference Framework A1 for language learners (elementary school)
  • Professional voice recordings with native speakers


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