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From Maliyo Games
Aboki Run

Aboki Run is a 3D endless 'runner game', where you journey to help three young friends, Danjuma, Gbenga and Chinedu, discover more about their ancestral home.

©Maliyo Games

A long time ago, the African story was all about magic, supernatural beliefs and its powers.

Three young friends decided to rewrite the story by taking a trip down the creepy forests, forbidden places and habitats of spirits! Midway into their adventure, they got trapped by the gods of the forest and they need you to set them free and bring them back to the city!

Gather as much cowries as you can! Go through the dark caves and forests! Crash into street “owambe” parties and escape the danger that is lurking behind!


  • Free to play!
  • Multiple Characters
  • Leaderboard
  • Power-ups
  • Free gifts

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